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Swim Tether Mini

Swim Tether Mini

"The Ultimate Stationary Swimming Experience"

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Swim Tether Mini

Low Profile Unit Designed for Water Aerobics

Swim Tether Mini is a compact, single pole version of the 3-Part Swim Tether that measures a mere 26". This shorter version is ideal for water aerobics and physical therapy sessions. The one piece can be used very effectively for swimming at a lower angle.


This is a complete kit & includes everything you need to install and start swimming!

  • One Piece Fiber Rod Pole
  • Neoprene Covered Nylon Belt - Accomodates Waists Up to 48"
  • Dynamic Stretch Swim Cord
  • 304 Stainless Steel Deck Plate (base)
  • Two Caribiners


  • 26" Overall Height
  • Shipping Weight Less Than 2 Pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

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